General First Post – Welcome


Hello, Thanks for reading the very first post.

Welcome to a Vision called, I am Raiyan Adam.

After trying my hands for 8 years, on and off, on almost every online business options and aspects, I finally decided to take it to Next Level. 

My Plan with IncomeTimes is very Grand. Making it the ultimate Resource place for Online Business.

I have planned extensively  to share my experience, good or bad, to help you move along.dpoval

To built a community of like-minded people to make this journey  more fun and highly successful.

I am always looking for making friends. Comments and suggestions highly appreciated.

Coming up tomorrow, a detailed post about setting up this website.

What I have done, what I will in future. What I have planned. Everything to get started.

Get in touch with me through Contact Page.

Raiyan Adam

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